Journalist, Humorist, Novelist, and Book & Pitch Doctor

The Book and Pitch Doctor

Rebecca Coffey has been successfully pitching and creating books, articles, radio commentaries, and documentary projects since 1985. Her magazine and e-zine science journalism is award-winning, as are her novel, Hysterical: Anna Freud’s Story, and the non-fiction book, Unspeakable Truths and Happy Endings. Rebecca is currently reviewing Science books for Forbes, for which she continues to contribute original science journalism.

With nearly 40 years of experience to her credit, as a book and pitch doctor, Rebecca helps writers fashion pitches, articles, and full manuscripts. Copy-editing is also available upon request and is charged separately. Contact her to inquire about rates and process.


“You know that old joke about Michaelangelo? Someone asked him how he sculpted the marble statue of David, and he said, ‘“’Simple, I just took away everything that didn’t look like David!’  In my own writing, what gives me the most trouble is writing a pitch, a succinct one, that immediately sculpts, in miniature, my intention. Among Rebecca’s many talents is her eye for the compelling sentence lolling about, or even buried, somewhere in the middle rough draft of a pitch. Sometimes I may have several ideas, especially with an ambitious story.  ‘Start with this sentence if you want to do a story about X, and start with that sentence if you want to do a story about Y, ‘ she might say.  Her own writings, long or short, are always well-sculpted, sentence by sentence, and the whole as well. Her gift is that she can help you see what’s essential in the story you want to write which might or might not be the story she would pursue. Once I put the sentence where Rebecca has advised me it should be, I know I’m on my way. ” — Elizabeth Stone

Rebecca Coffey is a brilliant writer and editor who can take a muddled manuscript and turn it into a coherent, forceful piece of prose.  She’s funny and insightful and knows how to cut to the heart of a subject, extracting what’s important.  She especially excels at science writing and editing where she takes dry, complicated concepts and makes them sizzle.” — Erica Manfred

“Rebecca is a deft and close reader. After poring over my latest book, she saw that it needed a foreword. I had resisted this, and wanted to think that I needed nothing more, but Rebecca’s perspective is deep, and I soon saw she was right. She’s savvy on every level, and a great guide for any writing project.” — John Thorndike

“Beckie is the only writer I know who enjoys pitching. Probably that’s why she’s so good at it. She’s also great at zeroing in on the subtleties of your work and helping you develop your ideas to greatest effect. That’s what she’s done for me.” — Stephanie Golden

“Rebecca has a knack for seeing what I didn’t see. She is always swift, succinct, and on point. I value her insight, wit, and wholehearted love of bringing out the best of what’s on the page. Rebecca’s eye and ear for words makes what I’ve written better. Every time.” — Kevin Flood, writer/producer/actor.

“I can count on Rebecca to preserve my vision while giving me spot-on criticism and improving my work. Any writer is lucky to get a dose of Rebecca’s humor plus her invaluable editing, pitching, and publishing insight.” — Amy Aves Challenger