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Coffey has written for many national outlets, as detailed below.

Science and Health at

Scientific American Samples:

Discover Magazine Samples:

  • Hiking Las Vegas. Just a few miles from the perfectly enclosed, artificial worlds of the Strip’s casinos, there lie some beautiful and accessible spectacles of nature.
  • Winemaking: Science, Nature, and Fancy Footwork. Each glass tells you something about the wine’s milieu as well as the vintner’s approach.
  • A host of articles including many “20 Things You Didn’t Know about…” ones, for Discover Magazine. (Page upon page. Just keep clicking.)

TreeHugger Samples (basic environmental science explanations)

  • What is DEET? Despite its robust credentials, many people retain a strong buzz of concern about DEET. There is one safer alternative that seems as effective as DEET.
  • What are Persistent Organic Pollutants? They include commonly recognized names like the pesticide DDT and the large group of industrial chemicals known as PCBs. 

Other Magazine Samples:

Vermont Public Radio Samples

For about a decade (late 1990s to late 2000s) I contributed commentaries to Vermont Public radio as an on-air personality specializing in mental health. Just a few are still online. Four were part of a series that won a Vermont AP award for VPR.  Those commentaries are at

Science-Based Op-Eds and Think Pieces:


  • For Beck and Branch, Rebecca produced the Science Bits series.
  • The video documentary Attacking Anxiety. This science documentary won the Red ribbon and the American Film & Video Festival, the Cine Golden eagle, and the the silver ribbon at the Columbus International film Festival.