Journalist, Humorist, Novelist


National Magazine Samples:

  • Darwin in Love. Charles Darwin, who of all people should have known better, married his first cousin. Did his love for Emma color his later works?
  • Corals in Lust. Why they spawn only at twilight, and only a few times a year.
  • Hiking Las Vegas. Just a few miles from the perfectly enclosed, artificial worlds of the Strip’s casinos, there lie some beautiful and accessible spectacles of nature.
  • A host of articles including many “20 Things You Didn’t Know about…” ones, for Discover Magazine. (Page upon page. Just keep clicking.)

Op-Eds and Think Pieces:

Column Samples:

  • The Human Animal. Our animal nature is undeniable. Is beastly behavior inevitable?


  • For Beck and Branch, Rebecca produces the Science Bits series.