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National Magazine Samples:

 bison-vs-mammoths_1 Bison versus Mammoths: New Culprit in the Disappearance of North America’s Giants
A scientist turns up new clues to the disappearance of North America’s giant beavers, saber-toothed cats and other large mammals.
 outsmarting-dengue-fever_1 Outsmarting Dengue Fever
Why one scientist is vaccinating mosquitoes, not patients.
 coral-in-love_1 Corals in Love
Why they spawn only at twilight, and only a few times a year.
 beauty-and-the-beasts_1 Beauty and the Beasts
The sight of a pretty woman brings out the war monger in men.
 Warm sunrise light at Nevada's Red Rock Recreation Area. Hiking Las Vegas
Just a few miles from the perfectly enclosed, artificial worlds of the Strip’s casinos, there lie some beautiful and accessible spectacles of nature.
clouds 20 Things You Didn’t Know about Clouds
Some are visible only after sunset, none are created by seeding, and one chewed on a fighter pilot for half an hour before spitting him out, alive.
wine Winemaking: Science, Nature, and Fancy Footwork
Each glass tells you something about the wine’s milieu as well as the vintner’s approach.

Science-Based Op-Eds:

All the President’s White Women (New York Daily News)
cardinals-e1536104042120.jpeg Actually, Truth Isn’t Truth (New York Daily News)

What Would Sigmund Freud Say about Gay Conversion Therapy? (Seattle Times)

The Supreme Court Meets Sigmund Freud (Chicago Tribune) Samples:

The Human Animal
Our animal nature is undeniable. Is beastly behavior inevitable?
Intimacy Across Cultures—and Species
Do rats and pigmy chimps dream of electric kisses?
The Naked Truth about The Wives of Tall Men
Are they really happier?
Mean vs. Kind Humor
Louis C. K., the Dobie Gillis show, and borderline personality.
Tough Love for Dog Lovers
New research shows he (or she) is just not that into you.
Why Don’t Women Leave Batterers?
Knocks to the head may diminish them so much that they can’t.
Is America Safer When Good Guys Have Guns?
Homicide data + Crime Victimization Survey Results = Surprise


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